Individual Artist Award Registration

Individuals and groups/collaboratives may register below to apply for an Individual Artist Awards’ Project Award or Fellowship. Applicants may apply for either a Project Award or Fellowship and an individual may only apply once per application cycle, either as an individual or within a group/collaborative. Once registered, the application will become available. Applications are accepted within a limited timeframe each year. The guidelines are updated each year, however, the most recent version is available at To receive a paper copy of our Individual Artist Award application, please call our staff: (907) 297-2700, or toll free in Alaska at (877) 366-2700.

Artistic collaboratives and groups are eligible to apply for either the Project Award or Fellowship award type. Applying as a group allows two or more individuals to apply within one application. Collaborative proposals may include ongoing group or collectives, or time-limited collaborations. An application must list a project director and the project lead/s. Project directors and project leads share ownership of the collaboration and are each designated as a “collaborator.” The individual who is designated the project director will register below and would accept the grant award and fiduciary responsibility, if awarded.

Please note: The Individual Artist Awards’ Distinguished Artist nomination process is separate. Please see for more information.

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